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      Jiangyin Meitai Decorative Material Co.,Ltd is located in the beautifuldevelopedYangtzeRiverDelta¡ª¡ªJian-
  gyin City. It is a manufacturing base of the famous metal construction material U-LINER CEILING in Asia-Pacific

      Meitai is specialized in manufacturing metal ceiling panel, aluminum composite panel and aluminum panel,
  as well as in spray painting. As a strong enterprise with strong capacity of design, production and technical
 service, it can produce 3,000,000 sq. meters of metal ceiling panel, 2,000,000 sq. meters of aluminum
 composite panel and 1,000,000 sq. meters of curtain wall aluminum panel.

      Occupying about 30,000 sq. meters including over 20,000 sq. meters of workshop, Meitai owns gentler office
  buildings and modern standard workshops. Presently, there are more than 200 employees and many excellent
  persons in management, design and technology.

      Meitai has introduced many advanced equipments from Austria, Germany, Taiwan and other countries and
  areas, such as multifunctional NC equipment for making shaped panel. Meitai has won customers¡¯ belief with its excellent quality, good reputation and strong sales network.

      Wisdom and effort founds Meitai. Responsibility and speciality creates Meitai. Meitai will spare no effort or
  energy to create the best manufacture in the industry of construction material.

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